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As children begin growing and losing teeth, it’s vital to monitor the development of their jaws and mouths. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children visit a pediatric orthodontist near you for the first time around seven years old, even if their teeth are healthy.

This early examination allows your child’s orthodontist to assess the need for future treatment, even though many kids may not require intervention at this stage. This proactive approach can help prevent the emergence of severe issues later on. Should the need arise, early orthodontic treatment and intervention offer long-lasting advantages that can significantly benefit your child throughout their lifetime.

Discover the numerous benefits of kids’ braces treatment and how our dedicated team of kids’ orthodontists near you at James River Orthodontics in Richmond, VA, can assist you.

At what age do kids get braces?

The age at which kids get braces can vary depending on individual dental development and orthodontic needs. Kids generally begin orthodontic treatment with braces between 9 and 14 years old. This age range is ideal because most children have lost some baby teeth, and their permanent teeth are starting to come in. Kids’ braces are an effective way to shift teeth and adjust bites while their gums and jaws are still developing.

However, it’s important to note that not all children will require braces at this age. Beginning orthodontic treatment early — even if it’s just monitoring — can help prevent issues that could evolve into surgical solutions later. Kids’ braces are just one treatment solution an orthodontist might suggest. Some kids may need early intervention or Phase-One treatment before age nine to address severe crowding, crossbites, skeletal discrepancies or other issues such as thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting habits. Phase I treatment can help to break these habits. Orthodontists for kids can predict and detect these issues when kids attend an early checkup. Orthodontists may recommend braces for kids or other orthodontic appliances to help with proper growth.

Ultimately, a pediatric orthodontist will address each child’s needs to determine the timing of their braces treatment.

Two-Phase treatment

Early orthodontic treatment has two phases. Phase I treatment prepares kids’ mouths for permanent teeth growth by establishing a good foundation for those who need it. When kids undergo Phase I treatment, their future smiles and bites will look beautiful and function well. The second part of early orthodontic treatment is Phase II treatment. After Phase I treatment and a resting period, children will move into Phase II treatment, focusing on the appearance and alignment of their teeth and jaws, typically involving braces.

Our braces for kids

James River Orthodontics provides braces for kids’ teeth in Richmond, VA. Our children’s orthodontists ensure kids receive the best treatment to help make their smiles healthy and bright.

Our family orthodontists may recommend your child gets either braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. Whenever you visit us for a consultation or checkup, our team will ensure your child receives the care they need and feels comfortable throughout the braces process. We have many types of braces for kids, including gold braces, and Damon® self-ligating braces with both clear and metal options.

Cost of kids' braces

One of the most popular questions at our family orthodontist office is: “How much do braces cost for kids.” At James River Orthodontics, we don’t do one-size-fits-all-treatment, and the cost of your child’s braces may vary depending on the type of treatment and severity of the issue. During your free exam, we will provide you with the cost of your child’s proposed treatment plan and will be happy to answer any questions. We offer payment plans and accept insurance to make treatment more affordable.

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