What sets us apart

We go beyond the end result.

There’s more to a smile than just perfect alignment, more than an expression, and more than a warm relationship with a trusted family orthodontist and caring team.

The most beautiful smiles come from a place within—a place of security and comfort. It’s that deep to us.

Our goal is to make you smile a big, bold, honest-to-goodness smile — the kind you crack when you’re among friends and family. That kind of smile only results from an intentionally authentic relationship.

We want you to smile with purpose®.

  • We form real connections with our patients

    We go beyond just remembering your name. We want to get to know you! It’s incredibly rewarding to watch our patient relationships transform from service provider to trusted friend.

  • We stay up-to-date

    Staying technologically up-to-date is important to us, and that’s because your comfort is important to us. Dr. Scarborough opened a Center for Invisalign® at JRO and has treated thousands of cases, including complex treatments that normally require braces.

  • We love our community

    Each of our team members feels immense gratitude for our patients. Beyond state-of-the-art technology and expert skills, we devote as much of our time and energy as possible to support ecological and socioeconomic causes in our communities.

  • We create happy experiences

    We offer a series of clubs, amenities, and payment options to help you cover all your bases. We focus on a quality of orthodontic care that is truly unprecedented. (You’ll experience it when you visit us!)

  • We think beyond the end result

    We think beyond the end results, carefully considering each step it takes to get there, genuinely connecting with our patients, and constantly seeking ways to give back to our community.

For every new patient, we donate to a Richmond-based organization that directly seeks to provide aid and support to conservation, health, and education.

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