Damon® clear ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces

Damon Clear ceramic braces are similar to Invisalign® in that they offer a subtle solution for teeth straightening. However, instead of a mouth guard that molds to the shape of your teeth, clear ceramic braces resemble Damon metal braces — with a transparent twist.

Damon Clear braces are an excellent option for teens, adults and parents looking for an alternative to Invisalign or metal braces. They provide an extra benefit — self-ligating technology. Learn more about Damon Clear braces from James River Orthodontics and what benefits clear braces can offer.

What is the Damon System?

The Damon System consists of transparent, self-ligating braces, which don’t use elastic ties to hold the archwires. The Damon System’s design causes less friction between the archwires and your teeth. This advanced braces technology provides a better fit, a brighter smile, and a happier you.

The Damon System gradually widens your smile more than traditional braces while ensuring upright teeth for a comfortable bite. You may also see a faster treatment time compared to traditional braces!

How do Damon Clear braces work?

Damon Clear self-ligating braces tighten automatically to fit your teeth. They respond to treatment instead of using the traditional method with elastics or clips. The brackets use a high-tech sliding “door” that holds archwires in place while allowing free movement.

Some patients may still need elastics, but the Damon system generally offers a smoother, easier way to align your teeth with a passive sliding mechanism.