Invisalign® for kids

Invisalign® for kids in Richmond, VA

Welcome to James River Orthodontics, the premier provider of Invisalign® clear aligners in Richmond, Virginia, for you, your child, and the rest of your family.

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Invisalign® First is a specialized version of Invisalign tailored to address the unique needs of kids. With Invisalign aligners for kids, your child will not need to miss out on sports or Halloween candy due to their orthodontic treatment. This treatment ensures children can still experience all the joys of childhood without thinking about their braces first.

Why choose Invisalign First?

Opting for self-ligating metal braces to address orthodontic issues can lead to self-esteem challenges. Additionally, not every child is ready to take on the added responsibility of caring carefully for their teeth and braces, especially after hearing about wire tightening and other necessary adjustments.

Invisalign First is a series of discreet, removable aligners for kids that gently guide their teeth into the perfect position over time. Since the aligners are invisible, your child gets a straightened smile without a sudden change in appearance. Additionally, their removability makes teeth cleaning as effortless as ever, eliminating the need to navigate around brackets and wires. Invisalign for kids can be taken out during meals, allowing them to enjoy all types of foods without restrictions, unlike braces.

How Invisalign for kids works

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children undergo an orthodontic evaluation by the time they are seven years old. During this assessment, an orthodontist will examine the development of their adult teeth and anticipate any potential issues, such as crowding or misalignments, that may require early intervention.

James River Orthodontics provides a free consultation to every new patient, including your child! During the consultation, you will meet with Dr. Scarborough or Dr. Loflin, who will thoroughly examine your child and use digital impressions for precise evaluations. If Invisalign for kids is deemed suitable for your child, we can begin the treatment process during the same appointment.

Is Invisalign for kids a good fit for your child?

To determine whether Invisalign First is a good fit for your child, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with the pediatric orthodontists at James River Orthodontics. Our team is happy to accommodate you whether you prefer a virtual consultation or to visit our office.

If your child is experiencing any of the following conditions, book a consultation with our Invisalign orthodontists:

How much does Invisalign cost for kids?

The cost of Invisalign First will vary depending on the severity of your kid’s orthodontic issues. The best way to determine the estimated cost of your kid’s Invisalign treatment is to schedule a free consultation. Our experts will determine if Invisalign First is best for your child and provide you with your treatment cost and information about insurance and financing options.

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Give your child a smile they can feel confident about for the rest of their life. James River Orthodontics is proud to be an Invisalign provider for children, teens, and adults, allowing everyone to enjoy a happy and healthy mouth from the beginning of treatment to the end.

If you have more questions about Invisalign First, please schedule a complimentary exam. We’ll start your child on the road to successful orthodontic treatment with Invisalign for kids near you!