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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children first see an orthodontist as early as age seven.
Early treatment—also known as Phase I—typically begins between ages 7-9, while Phase II will begin around age eleven or older. At your first visit, Dr. Scarborough will evaluate your child’s growth and development and provide you with a detailed plan for your child’s treatment. In many cases an early phase of treatment is not needed. In these cases, Dr. Scarborough will follow your child’s growth and development as much or as little as you desire to insure proper balance between the jaws and the teeth. This is a service provided to you as a courtesy, at no cost to you.
The goal of early treatment is to develop the jaws to allow the most ideal dental development and create the best foundation for your child’s future bite and smile. Enhancing the growth of the jaw and correcting certain bite concerns early, such as a underbite, crossbite or crowding, eliminates more aggressive lengthy forms of treatment including permanent tooth extractions and surgery.
Other orthodontic problems such as crowding of the teeth, too much space between the teeth, jaw growth problems, protruding teeth, early or late loss of baby teeth, or thumb sucking habits are all scenarios in which children can benefit from early treatment. Additional advantages include: increased self-esteem and improved breathing (expansion treatment).
If your child is between the ages of seven and nine it is an ideal time to get your orthodontic plan. Referrals are not necessary and complimentary exams can be scheduled directly with Dr. Scarborough at James River Orthodontics. An early assessment of your child’s growth will give you the peace of mind that your child is thriving. Our highly trained and energetic team will provide your and your child with a fun and informative initial exam, and will discuss with you the best steps to take toward caring for your child’s smile.
To find out if this type of treatment is right for you, please contact James River Orthodontics the highest rated and most reviewed practice in Richmond, Va to schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation.
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