Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a favorite choice for many kids, teens and adults who are looking to straighten their teeth. Invisible aligners create straight teeth and a beautiful smile without the appearance of traditional metal brackets and elastics. This solution is ideal for those who want a more discreet orthodontic solution that does the job well.

You’ll wear your aligners for most of the day — around 20 to 22 hours, except for meals, brushing and flossing — and get a new set every two weeks. The mold consists of durable plastic that fits your teeth, giving you a comfortable aligner that blends seamlessly with your smile. James River Orthodontics will decide if you’d be a good fit based on the information below. 

clear aligners correct dental issues

Invisible aligners are excellent tools for several orthodontic applications, including:

  • Misaligned teeth: Straighten your smile by wearing an aligner to gradually shift your teeth into new positions.
  • Teeth grinding: Prevent excess wear and teeth grinding while you sleep by wearing invisible teeth aligners. Keep your smile looking amazing for longer by combatting the damage teeth grinding can cause.
  • Bite misalignment: An aligner can correct your bite to prevent discomfort while talking, chewing or even breathing.
  • Gaps: If you have any small gaps in your teeth that you want to close, wearing clear aligners can help you do so.

We provide this growth monitoring service for children as a courtesy, at no cost to you.

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Benefits of invisible aligners

When you choose clear aligners as your preferred orthodontic solution, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Convenient oral hygiene: Aligners are easy to take out of your mouth and clean whenever needed, and you don’t have to navigate brushing or flossing with traditional braces and elastics. Easier hygiene makes for better oral health, which boosts your confidence and helps you maintain your overall physical health.
  • Comfort: Avoid archwire and bracket friction and periodic re-tightening with clear aligners. All you have to do is pop in your new set of aligners and be on your way!
  • Fewer fixes: You won’t have to worry about archwires breaking or brackets falling off with clear aligners.

why choose james river orthodontics for clear aligners?

We are an experienced Invisalign® provider who can help you get aligners that perfectly fit your mouth with our iTero® intraoral scanner. When you trust us with your orthodontic care, you’ll get customized solutions with our Diamond+ level Invisalign providers. We are dedicated to providing premier care and a great patient experience to everyone who visits our clinic.

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