The highest quality invisible orthodontics in Richmond for all ages

James River Orthodontics has the only dedicated clinic for Invisalign® in Richmond. Aware of the demand for this technologically innovative method of orthodontic treatment, Dr. Scarborough opened a Center for Invisalign® at JRO and has treated hundreds of cases including complex treatments normally requiring braces, earning him the Invisalign® Diamond+ Provider Status for both adults and teens. James River Orthodontics offers experienced high-quality Invisalign® care with unparalleled service and extraordinary complimentary benefits that we look forward to sharing with you.

For teens: metal mouth no more

So you don’t want the brackets and the wires that come with braces. No problem! Invisalign Teen® offers invisible, removable aligners that adjust your teeth even faster than braces. Parents, no worries about testing the waters, Dr. Scarborough offers Invisalign® at the same price as braces and there is no charge to switch to braces if you later feel braces are a better fit for your child or teen. Additional benefits to Invisalign® are fewer appointments necessary, which translates into less time out of work and school, and you can eat whatever you want!

For adults: change your smile without changing your lifestyle

JRO’s Center for Invisalign® comes fully equipped, introducing the first and only adult Invisalign® treatment facility in Richmond offering private waiting rooms and private treatment rooms. Enjoy freshly brewed Starbucks Coffee before or after your visit and relax in your own private oasis. If you have time, enjoy a complimentary chair massage too! We guarantee your treatment will be professional; your results will be unparalleled; and your time will be well spent. By using a series of invisible and removable aligners, your teeth are comfortably moved into their desired position. Invisalign® allows you to maintain your normal lifestyle and diet while undergoing treatment – you can take the aligners out when you need to eat, drink, brush or floss. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us online today! Learn more on our blog.