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We go beyond the typical orthodontic office in order to give our patients a truly comfortable and truly happy experience—after all, that’s why they smile! We offer a series of clubs, amenities, and payment options in order to cover all your bases. We focus on a quality in orthodontic care that is unprecedented. We believe that extra care and attention creates the genuine smile we want all our patients to have. We’ll help you Smile with Purpose®.

We Keep You Smiling

Our Relationships Are Long Term

We believe in connecting with our community, developing solid virtues, being down to earth, and establishing common ground. We are thorough and push ourselves to producing the best possible end product. We know that great endings deserve all the intention of great beginnings. Sticking to your treatment is key to retaining that smile.

Retainers For Life

Retainers For Life is for you. Our aim at JRO is to keep you smiling. This program preserves your smile and your dollars. Once you finish with orthodontic treatment, typically you need a new pair of retainers every 2-4 years. Lifetime Retainers is equivalent to 1.5 sets of replacement retainers, so it pays for itself within that timeframe.

Scarborough Smile Guarantee

Scarborough Smile Guarantee is a fantastic way to make sure your smile stays great! When you get your braces from a Scarborough Smile Guarantee orthodontist, you can sleep well knowing that if you are unhappy with the alignment of your teeth at any time in the future, your orthodontists will put the braces back on for free!! All you have to do is show up for appointments, keep your teeth clean, wear your elastics, and pay a very reasonable monthly fee for treatment until you are once again happy with your smile. You can even get clear braces and white wires in most cases!

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