Temporary Anchorage Device

Whether fixing a gap between your front teeth or moving a canine into the proper position, braces can do a lot to create a beautiful smile. Additional appliances like temporary anchorage devices can make the moving process quicker and more painless. 

James River Orthodontics can offer more information about temporary anchorage devices (TADs) in Richmond, Virginia. We’ll ensure you receive an outstanding patient experience and a healthy smile.

What Is a Temporary Anchorage Device?

A TAD is a tiny titanium screw that orthodontists insert into a patient’s gum and jawbone. The screw acts as an anchor point, so teeth move more quickly. Orthodontists can use the device on people of any age as an alternative to bulky headgear. 


TAD Uses

When teeth are in a difficult position to move, TADs can add some extra support. This additional leverage makes your orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable.

An orthodontist may insert this tiny screw anywhere along the gum line in the mouth. From there, they can use it to move one or more teeth. They wrap rubber bands around the device and connect it to the tooth, usually with braces or clear aligners.

How Are Temporary Anchorage Devices Installed?

An orthodontist can use local anesthesia to numb the insertion area. Then, they place the anchorage device with a hand tool. After that, you can resume normal activities. The TAD may cause slight discomfort for the first 24 hours after installation, but over-the-counter pain medication can help with minor pain.

The procedure to remove the device is simple. Your orthodontist may use topical numbing cream to make your mouth more comfortable. After your orthodontist removes the device, be careful around the removal area while it heals. 

How to Maintain Your TADs

You can maintain your temporary anchorage device much like any other appliance. Continue to brush and floss regularly around the TAD. Also, monitor the area around the device for redness and irritation. If irritation does occur, contact your orthodontist to assess the spot. 

TADs may remain in your mouth for a short portion of orthodontic treatment, like six months, or for the entire course. During more lengthy procedures, your orthodontist may need to readjust the device. Sometimes temporary anchorage devices may fall out on their own, and you should contact your orthodontist to install a new appliance.

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