Invisalign® First for Kids

Children can benefit from Invisalign too! Invisalign First is specially-designed for small, growing mouths.

Although many orthodontists aren’t able to offer Invisalign First, our orthodontists’ level of experience and training enable us to provide Invisalign for kids. 

It’s our goal to help you make the best decisions for your child’s smile and quality of life. We are proud to be our community’s trusted provider for early orthodontic care, and among the Top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the country.

Why choose Invisalign First?

Because growing mouths require gentle, expert care! Invisalign First clear aligners are custom-designed to fit your child’s unique smile, accommodating a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth.

Invisalign is often used during Phase I of early orthodontic treatment, to guide young patients through their developmental smile milestones and establish a strong foundation for a beautiful set of permanent teeth to emerge. 

Invisalign First clear aligners are comfortable, hygienic, practical and removable. 

Many parents find that Invisalign is most practical for their child’s oral hygiene. Children don’t have to make any adjustments to their current hygiene routine; they can remove their clear aligners to thoroughly brush and floss their teeth. They won’t have to work around any brackets or wires to keep their teeth clean and debris-free. Clear aligners help to minimize the possibility of children developing white spots, gum disease and cavities (tooth decay). 

Invisalign treatment is convenient for children’s lifestyles. Whatever your child’s favorite hobbies may be, clear aligners won’t limit their fun. Your child can still play sports, perform on stage, play their instrument, hang with their friends and present confidently in front of the class without worrying about a bracket popping off, a loose wire, or a noticeable treatment on their teeth. 

Invisalign can make for a more comfortable, convenient and practical treatment experience than traditional treatment. Children can focus on building their self-confidence as Invisalign is secretly transforming their smile behind-the-scenes.

When can my child start treatment with Invisalign?

The best time for your child to begin treatment will depend on his or her specific case. Children develop at different rates, so there isn’t a set age that indicates a need for orthodontic treatment.

Young patients do need to meet a few developmental milestones before beginning treatment with Invisalign first. The permanent first molars must have already erupted, which usually happens around age 6. Also, several of the permanent front teeth should have started to erupt—which usually happens around age 7-8. 

(The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children receive their first orthodontic exam around age 7.)

If you aren’t sure whether your child is in need of an assessment, the best way to find out is by bringing your child in for his or her first orthodontic exam with Dr. Scarborough or Dr. Loflin

Our orthodontists have years of experience assessing children’s smiles; they’re able to detect problematic orthodontic conditions before they fully develop and lead to challenging symptoms.

What if I decide that braces are a better fit for my child?

If you decide that Invisalign isn’t working for your child, he or she can switch to braces at no additional charge. Talk to your treatment coordinator for details. 
We’re also proud to offer Invisalign at the same price as braces. Ensuring you and your child’s happiness as we create beautiful, long lasting results is our main priority.

How do I know if Invisalign is right for my child?

We offer virtual consultations so you can find out if Invisalign is right for your child before you visit us. Or, if you’d prefer to start with an in-person orthodontic exam, schedule a complimentary consultation and your orthodontist, Dr. Scarborough or Dr. Loflin, will examine your child’s smile to help you make an informed decision on the best plan of action.

Our experienced orthodontists can treat the following conditions, from mild to severe, with Invisalign First:

  • Narrow palate (upper jaw)
  • Insufficient room in the mouth for all permanent teeth to emerge
  • Impending spacing
  • Impending crowding
  • Esthetic misalignment
  • Teeth protrusion
  • Malocclusions (overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, midline misalignment)
  • Impacted teeth

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