Community Impact

We Go Beyond Orthodontics

It’s the community around him that inspires Dr. Larry Scarborough. James River Orthodontics has been his solution to celebrate a kind of natural beauty—the aesthetic value of a beautiful smile—while helping out his fellow man. Dr. Scarborough has assembled a diverse and energetic team with positive, can-do attitudes and a wealth of industry knowledge between them. Each team member is proud of where they work, loves what they do, and really cares about you. As the James River Orthodontics family grows, so does Dr. Scarborough’s vision for the Richmond community. With creative approaches to giving back, he knows that his practice can be involved in his community in a meaningful way, beyond just performing expert services with modern technology. His philanthropic plans for the practice are going to be just as smile-making as the work he and his team do within their office.

We’re thrilled to be an active part of the Richmond community, and it’s reflected in everything we do. Each of us feels immense gratitude for being so welcomed and appreciated by our patients.

We feel a calling to return that appreciation by giving back as much as we can. We’ve decided that, beyond state-of-the-art technology and expert skills, we can devote as much of our time and energy as possible to supporting ecological and socioeconomic causes in our communities.

Our goal is to make each patient smile a big, bold, honest-to-goodness smile—the kind they crack when they’re among friends and family; that kind of smile only results from an intentionally authentic relationship. We want you to Smile with Purpose®.


We Support Conservation

Our namesake, the James River, is responsible for providing water to one third of all Virginians. Dr. Scarborough is proud to call conservation and fresh water biology his background before orthodontics. We are committed to doing our part in protecting the James River and educating our community on their role in conservation of this natural resource. By advocating for and providing funds to local organizations, we can create a deeper impact on our environment and community.



Healing Beyond Smiles

Dr. Scarborough is spearheading a homegrown organization Plan LEAH. The acronym LEAH stands for Leukemia, Epilepsy, Autism— at Home. LEAH has personal significance to Dr. Scarborough, as each facet has impacted his life in some way. For every new patient, we donate to a Richmond-based organization that directly seeks to provide aid and support to families faced with these conditions. We believe in building, creating, and fostering a network of collective people in order to make a deeper impact, here at HOME. We are proud to have supported:


All here in Richmond supporting families at Home.


Educating Beyond Office Walls

Another way we strive to remain community-centered is through giving to local education. With our “Back To Education™” program, every time a student or teacher starts treatment, we donate to their school. At the end of the school year, we present each school with a check for the total donations. Keeping a diverse patient population and supporting a wide variety of schools allows JRO to create a deeper impact in Richmond education.

  • Atlee High School
  • Enon Elementary School
  • Gayton Elementary School
  • Goochland Middle School
  • Goochland Elementary School
  • Hermitage High School
  • Holman Middle School
  • Hungary Creek Middle School
  • Kaechele Elementary School
  • Liberty Middle School
  • Mary Munford Elementary School
  • Moody Middle School
  • Pocohontas Middle School
  • Richmond Montessori School
  • Robious Middle School
  • Short Pump Middle School
  • South Anna Elementary School
  • Steward School
  • Tuckahoe Middle School
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